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Week (-5) with Louis Agricol Montagné

Louis Agricol  Montagné is a great French painter, born in Avignon in 1879. Exceptionally  few paintings will be exhibited in Avignon. Without revealing what you will see at the exhibition, and only to make you want to visit the exhibition ...
this week: Country road, watercolour on paper. H: 22.5 x L: 31.5 cm.

Festival Aquarella

Catherine Mithouard will be the guest of honour of the Aquarella Festival, together with  Annie Chemin, Serge Di-Meo, Marie-Claire Moudru, Pascal Pihen et Patrick Rouquette, at "la Destrousse" from october 27 to november the 10th 2016.

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In the couramiaud country

Muriel Buthier-ChartrainDanièle FabreDominique GioanThierry de MarichalarMarie Claire MoudruFranck PerrotCorinne Poplimont exhibit at the 4th St Chamond Watercolour Biennale "Les Aqua’rêves » from 15th  octobre to 6th of novembre 2016.

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At the junction of Lot and Garonne...

Martine Jolit, Olivia Quitin, Marc Folly (Guset of Honour) will be present at the 9th Watercolour and Travel Diary International Festival  at  Aiguillon from 15 to 30 octobre 2016.

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