In 2016 it will be the turn of the French Watercolor Society, SFA, to welcome for the first time in France, the ECWS European exhibition and  symposium for their 19th edition.

We are particularly pleased to host this event in Avignon, in the heart of Provence, a city with an exceptional  historical as well as contemporary cultural heritage, a city identified as both a European Capital of Culture, and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Avignon is both a historic city, with its Palace of the Popes, the famous bridge of Avignon where thanks to the song, children around the world have all learned that we could dance  on it...

And at the same time, a city where the culture is  present, modern, alive and dynamic. The Avignon Festival is the largest theater festival in the world.

The exhibition will take place in  an ancient cloister, a magnificent monument in the heart of the old town : three levels to display our works, a cloister to seek shelter, to relax, and to meet.

The symposium will allow you to discover the city of Avignon in depth, on foot : all our activities are concentrated in the center of this beautiful city at a human scale.

Historical buildings and monuments will be open specially for us, so that we can sit there and paint together.

In November, it is not quite yet winter, and the crowd of tourists has left. Provence belongs again to the Provençal people and you'll find more authenticity and warmth in their welcome.

We will also discover  an important aspect of the economic history of our region that affects us, painters, in a special way :  the exploitation of  ochre quarries in Roussillon !

Along the way, we will cross the landscapes of Provence that inspired so many painters, in particular  Cezanne and Van Gogh.

And of course, you will leisurely enjoy the Côtes du Rhône wines  which new vintage will be presented at that time accompanied with the savoury Provençal cuisine filled with Mediterranean flair....

The 80 members of the SFA are delighted to welcome our colleagues from all European horizons.

We are preparing, with great enthusiasm, this first French ECWS event where we hope you will share with us that  great conviviality which is that of ECWS.


Michelle REYNIER, 

SFA President 


From one bank to the other, at this time when digital technology is simulating the reconstruction of the Avignon Bridge to how it originally was in the past,  linking the two banks of the Rhone river  between Languedoc and Provence,

From the  water of our rivers to our watercolor dreams,

It is in Avignon, city with such a beautiful historical heritage open to diversity and the sharing of cultures, that all the wealth of the plurality of contemporary writing in watercolor will be represented on the occasion of the 19th ECWS European Symposium and Exhibition thanks to your active participation.

The French Watercolor Society, proud and happy to welcome you, is preparing  this event with great joy and emotion.

We expect many of you can come, so that together we can make of   this European meeting  an unforgettable moment  of sharing  and artistic friendship.

See you very soon!


Danièle Fabre

SFA, Vice President