La Société Française de l’Aquarelle

The French Watercolor Society has always been committed to promote the traditional Watercolor as a major part of art, to represent all types of styles, from the most classic to the contemporaries ones, and facilitate exchanges between watercolor artists from all countries

The French Watercolor Society has been recognized by the French Tax Services as a Society of General Interest  since October 2016.
As such it is entitled to deliver tax receipt eligible for tax reduction for contributors.
This recognition was obtained thanks to:
The fact it's a nonprofit organization, which aim is to organize contemporary art exhibition, toward a very wide public
The association management does not receive any profit of their activity within the association.
The management of the association has been regarded as sound and in line with its purpose
The activities of the SFA have been considered of public interest.
This recognition is an honor and a sign of reliability.

Few members of the Soceity at Neuvic in September 2015

Few members of the Soceity in Saint Jacut in September 2013

The French Watercolour Society represents France within the European Confederation of Watercolour Societies. It takes part every year in the exhibition and symposium organized in one of its the member countries.
To contribute to the fame of the french watercolour, the french watercolour Society is also engaged in numerous large international exhibitions, In Mexico and Colombia among others.
In France, every year, Societé Française de l'Aquarelle presents its artists during national exhibitions, sometimes biennales. Besides many of its members take part in various and numerous events organized by other institutions. In addition, annually French Watercolour Society organizes for its members a gathering (Les rencontres d'Aquarellistes), a very festive and casual moment that favours artistic and friendly exchanges.