Agrupaciòn de Acuarelistas Vascos (AAV ; Spain)

Noemí González, President of Basque Watercolor Association, Presidente de la Agrupación de Acuarelistas Vascos :

« The Basque Watercolour Association was founded in 1945 in Bilbao to provide a forum for artists interested in promoting this marvellous technique. Last year we celebrated our 70th anniversary to great success. The association wanted to use this milestone in our history as a moment to reflect on the future of the water-colour technique. A series of events were organised during 2015, oriented towards making water-colour painting better known among the wider public. We also included educational aspects and work in collaboration with local organisations involved in the world of art and culture.

The association works to disseminate the water-colour technique, organising exhibitions at a national and international level, thus helping to promote the work of our artists at home and abroad. Another very important aspect of our work involves providing training in water-colour painting, particularly among young people. We organise workshops with prestigious international artists, spaces for group work and presentations for the general public based around the association’s activities. In a more theoretical sphere, the association participates at international symposia, meetings and conferences, offering lectures and papers that seek to explore the basis of the technique. Another development which we consider very important is the creation of a book and video library for our members to publish educational material for the wider public.

In the social area, the group works with various social organisations and participates in public events in the region. One of the most important of these is BiAD, Bilbao Art District, a joint initiative involving Bilbao City Council, the Provincial Government of Bizkaia and art galleries and museums from Bilbao, where our head offices are located.

Our long-term goals include the creation of an International Museum of Water-colour Painting in the Basque Country with a collection of high-quality paintings which will serve as a reference point for all lovers of the medium. »