Grupo de Acuarelistas de Baleares (GAB ; Spain)

They celebrated their first exhibition on the 13th May 1950.They continued to grow in strengh and in 1975 had a brillant National exhibition coinciding with their 25 th aniversary.
In 2000 the VII National Symposium, was celebrated successfully with colaborations from France and Italy.
Now with our president Margarita Forteza, we have colaborated with EWS in all  the symposiums.  
In 2008 again the National Symposium was held in Palma with a great success.
Every year we have a collective exhibition and also have workshops with important artist through out.
Once a month we meet and discuss our activities.
Also we have two plein air activities every month which are posted on a blog " PINTAR EN MALLORCA".
The group is very active and we are growing in strength, promoting watercolours on the Islands, and also in the rest of Spain and beyond having been invited made numerous appearances.  
In the year 2020 if all goes well, GAB will organize the simposium ECWS in Palma de Mallorca.