Agrupaciòn de Acuarelistas de Andalucia (AAA ; Spain)

The Andalusia Warecolour Society Is a cultural nonprofit association founded in Seville in 1989, whose main objectives are promotion and diffusion of watercolor painting, the creation of a reference space for exchange and meeting for all those interested in this ar t form in Andalusia. To this end, we organize every year exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations by renowned artists throughout Andalusia for our members. Our association currently counts 460 members, and since 2002, we are an ECWS member and we we have ever since participated in every ECWS event. Every year, the AAA org nizes the Andalusian Watercolor Meeting (late February) and celebrates the Watercolor World Day each November 23rd. Since 2008, the association publishes an annual magazine about its activities entitled .Acuarela Informacion.. For 25 years, the association has organized several watercolour national exhibitions and symposiums (Priego de Cordoba, 1996 and 1997, Granada, 1998 Huelve in 2001 Priego de Cordoba in 2002 and the International ECWS Symposium in Cordoba in 2014).