Agrupaciòn Espanola de Acuarelistas (AEDA ; Spain)

Although the first Watercolour Painters Association was promoted in Madrid in 1877 the present AEDA was established in 1945 with Francisco Esteve Botey, a university professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts as its President. The group has laid down as its fundamental principles : the cultivation of water-colour in its purest sense, its artistic promotion in official or group exhibitions, and the preservation of equality among its members, renouncing to any honours or rewards within the society. An advisory group for training and teaching of plastic techniques was formed and has been maintained since then by its members without any economic compensation. In this way the group has been officially established as a non-profit making Artistic Association. Nowadays more than 2808 watercolor painters have frequented AEDA, which currently has about 450 active associates Up to the present day more than 100 local exhibitions have taken place (plus 10 provincial, 25 regional, 18 national, 12 international) and it has participated in 15 different Spanish Symposiums. AEDA usually imparts watercolour classes to more than 120 people.
Ricardo de Arce President of Agrupacion Espanola de Acuarelistas