Estonian Watercolour Society (EWS ; Estonia)

The Estonian Watercolour Society represents the finest contemporary water-colour painting in Estonia. It is a non-profit association whose goal is to make watercolour technique popular and to draw the attention of the public towards this fascinating technique. The first watercolor exhibition in Estonia took place in 1958, and this was the start of the jointly organized activities of the Estonian watercolourists. After Estonia became independent, we have been active under the name of the Estonian Watercolour Society since 1995. All the members of the Society have university degrees in Art and are active in watercolour on the professional level. The Society includes 45 artists and our main priority is to train and encourage new members. The aim of the Society is to support the creative activities of the members, organise exhibitions and promote Estonian watercolour both in Estonia and abroad. The Estonian Watercolour Society was invited to become a member of ECWS in 2011 during the Turku (Finland) International Watercolour Festival.